Corresponding with Frontiers Consulting Ltd

We define Correspondence with Frontiers Consulting Ltd the interaction you have with us by any of our correspondence medium via, email, Text Message and Phone calls

Use the following information to decide whether you want to send your information to us by any of our correspondence medium described above. We take the security of personal information very seriously. Any medium of correspondence is insecure, so it’s very important that you understand the risks before you send us your information.

Before you send us any of your information by correspondence, you must accept the risks of doing so.

About the risks

The main risks associated with using correspondence that concern Frontiers Consulting Ltd are:

  • confidentiality and privacy – there’s a risk that information sent over the internet may be intercepted
  • confirming your identity – it’s crucial that we only communicate with established contacts, using their correct correspondence contacts
  • there’s no guarantee that a message received over an insecure network, like the internet, hasn’t been altered during transit
  • attachments could contain a virus or malicious code

How we can reduce the risks

We’ll desensitise information, for example by only quoting part of any unique reference numbers. We can also use encryption. We ‘re happy to discuss how you may do the same but still provide the information we need.

If you don’t want to use our correspondence

You may prefer that we don’t respond by our correspondence mediums, for example because other people have access to your email/ WhatsApp account. If so, we’re happy to respond by an alternative method. We ‘ll agree this with you either by telephone, fax or in writing via post.

If you do want to use any of our correspondence to inform or receive information from us.

We’ll need you to confirm in writing by post, email or fax:

  • that you understand and accept the risks of using any of our correspondence mediums.
  • that your content for financial information to be sent by any of our correspondence mediums.
  • that attachments can be used

Please also:

  • send us the names and contact information of all people you would like us to correspond with, in your regard – you, your staff, your representative, your agent, for example
  • confirm you have ensured that your spam filters are not set to reject and/or automatically delete Frontiers Consulting emails.

How we use your agreement

Your confirmation will be held on file and will apply to future correspondence. We’ll review the agreement at regular intervals to ensure there are no changes.

Opting out

You may opt out of using any of our correspondence mediums at any time by letting us know.